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Dear Fellow Professionals,
As we all know, the ability to communicate effectively in any business is a key to success. Sometimes, employees are misunderstood during business conversations or transactions due to mispronunciations related to accented speech or a difficult voice quality. 

This happens to all kinds of people-from talented doctors with foreign accents who see their practices failing to high-tech industry workers who are successful with computers and other digital devices but not with spoken communication.

As a certified Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in Accent Modification and Voice Enhancement, I work with professionals to enhance their communication skills. Programs also include Voice Makeovers and Articulation Tune-ups for anyone who wants to add spark and distinction to their daily speaking! Please ask about the wide variety of Speech, Language and Voice services available to you and your company.

I would be happy to share my expertise and combine it with your efforts to improve customer service through effective employee training. I've attached a summary of services and other pertinent information. References are available upon request.

If you have any questions or to arrange an assessment /workshop, please call me at 415-586-2944 or 415 254-2019. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Eugene O'Reilly, M.A., C.C.C.-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist, Accent Specialist and Voice Coach
California Speech Language Pathology License SP 9363
Certified By the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association

​​Pronouncing American English & Voice Enhancement in the Workplace
Course Descriptions

1. To begin, a complimentary (free of charge) individual needs assessment is administered. This takes approximately 10 minutes for each person (six per hour) and includes the following:1. A digital video and/or cassette tape-recorded interview during which the person answers routine questions and then reads a brief passage. (Note: They leave the interview with individualized positive suggestions and strategies for improvement.) They are also given DVDs of all classes to review at home.

2. Using the recordings, a Speech Analysis (specifies areas of difficult pronunciation) and/or a Voice Assessment (classifies the voice and how it is being used) is done for each participant. These can be used for “before and after” comparisons at the end of the course and to measure progress.

3. Each participant is given a brief, easily understood assessment report with recommendations, if any.

4. Participants of the speech improvement program are then grouped according to their needs. After the individual needs assessment is administered in the participants are grouped, sessions are scheduled. Participants who enroll in the courses can be assisted on an individual basis or in groups of two to a maximum of six participants.

Larger group workshops are also available for generalized topics with less individual attention for participants. Options available include but are not limited to the following:

1. Severe difficulty being understood due to accented speech usually requires six to eight weeks of learning and practicing the techniques. This is done with digitally videotaped sessions of one and a half hours, once a week. The time between classes gives the participant(s) time to absorb the information and practice what they learned. Participants receive a compiled DVD of the classes to review at home.

2. Moderate difficulty being understood takes four to six weeks of practicing and sessions are also provided in one and a half hour sessions, once a week.

Voice Enhancement in the Workplace

This course involves the same procedures as the pronunciation course except for the length of the course (three or four hours) and the course content. This course can be specifically designed for the departments chosen. Custom designed and personalized materials and course content will be provided based on the needs of each participant. Please contact me for details concerning course content, pricing and other options. 

​The following Individual and small group workshops / classes are conveniently presented on-site at your place of business or the CSVS San Francisco Office:

  • Refinement for Foreign Accent or Regional Dialect  
  • Voice Makeovers and Voice Enhancement for Professionals  
  • Presentation Skills Coaching 

​Course Materials: CDs / DVDs, books and related materials designed by Mr. O’Reilly

Target Customers:
A. HR directors or business managers who want to help their employees improve their communication skills; in particular foreign-born employees with difficult to understand accents or those with difficult voice qualities

B. Individuals with difficult accents who want to advance their careers or simply to be better understood in a social or work situation

C. Parents of children with learning disabilities or speech / language disorders

D. Individuals who want to improve their presentation skills, sales presentations, or public speaking skills
E. Performers and other professional voice users such as aerobics instructors who experience challenges to their voices or want to improve their voice quality for their work

F. Managers of call centers and similar businesses with employees who speak on the phone as the primary part of their duties 

Schedule a workshop for your staff!

In this interesting and fun, hands-on workshop, enjoy group activities and personal/individual help from an expert Speech and Voice Coach.  

Learn the following to add spark and distinction to the way you talk:

1.​How professional speakers pause and add a little music to their talking to keep anyone who's listening, interested and wanting more.  

2.​How to speak at the right speed for the situation. Not too fast, not too slow… but just right for the time and place.

3.​How to easily find and use your natural pitch for a more appealing voice which you can learn to use for workplace,  social or intimate expression.

4.​The Secrets of Reading Aloud like a TV news broadcaster and how to use them for improving your daily speaking.  Learn to highlight any kind of text and sound great reading it!

5.​How to quickly improve difficult to understand accented speech with a few easy-to-follow instructions.

Receive a personalized check list of suggested activities and recommendations for continued improvement at home after the class is finished.

Call us today to sign up for online speech therapy. 415-586-2944
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